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Keysource Solutions, LLC is a provider of high quality products & services primarily for the agricultural industry. It is our mission to provide solutions to improve animal health and comfort with innovative and cost efficient products & services. Our goal is to listen to the customer and provide the most valuable solutions possible. It is also our goal to work with like minded partners, dealers & distributors throughout North America.

Gary Peters


When Gary started in the industry over 22 years ago, water quality for livestock was considered mostly an availability concern. But over the years there have been countless studies and scientific proof that water quality impacts health & production of all kinds of livestock. So he set out to find a solution and partnered with Dr. Jacque, Chief Scientist and Founder of Total Water Quality Investigations in Mount Horeb, WI. Dr. Jacque has pioneered an analytical approach to characterize water quality issues caused by microbial occurrence in groundwater wells, drinking water distribution systems and water related infrastructure.

Over the years Gary has grown to take an interest in other areas of animal health and comfort concerns. Gary introduced a top performing dry powder disinfectant into the poultry & dairy industries in 2015 and these markets continue to grow in the usage of the product. The most difficult part about using any kind of powdered bedding amendment is the application challenges. Gary reached out to Mike Blatt, the founder and inventor of the Vortex spreader to see if the Vortex spreader would help our customers more efficiently spread the Stalosan material. They worked together and through trial and error some minor modifications were made to create a spreader that achieved the goal of efficiently spreading the product.

The next challenge was feather pecking with chickens & poultry. Many have tried to disrupt this activity with everything from bales of hay to stones to plastic bottles, but the level of success has been moderate at best. Gary felt strongly that a better product could be produced and so he started to do his own research and development into a pecking block. Through many different types of ingredients and testing with customers, Gary found the magic formula and is excited to introduce his very own top quality pecking stone that our customers tell us is second to none!

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